Teagan Johnson has dropped an affecting new tune, "Get Out of Town".

Teagan Johnston has lived a nomadic existence indeed, growing up across three continents and absorbing the varied cultures of each. That’s a sensibility that has filtered directly into her artistic pursuits, which have involved acting in independent films, modelling, journalism and numerous performances, including a prestigious spot at the Silencio club in Paris, owned by enigmatic cinema legend David Lynch.


Her debut album has been a long time coming, with Johnston having dropped her first music in 2017, but she has put that ample prep time to very good use, crafting a collection of twelve tracks that sensitively navigate the experience of heartbreak with a striking intimacy.


Ahead of its release, she has released a single, “Get Out of Town”. Johnston’s soulful vocals are at the forefront of a vulnerable, quietly affecting tune which expresses the difficulty of fully expressing intense emotions without fear whilst finding a measure of catharsis in putting those feelings into art.


On the song, Johnston says, “This sounds a little cheesy and untrue but I wrote this song in a dream. After my  breakup I was out with a friend one night and we spent a long time talking about  my feelings of needing to no longer live in Toronto in order to move on from my  past relationship. That night I had a dream where a musician had written a song  with the chorus lyrics being “I’ve got to get out of town, cause as long as you’re  around, I’m not getting over you.” In the dream I was so amazed at how this  artist had managed to say everything I was feeling so perfectly and I wished I  had written the song. When I woke up I realized I did and went down to my piano to finish it.”

Watch the music video below: