The names we are given when we’re born possess meanings that convey aspirations or hopes that our parents or family might have for us, in Dolapo’s case, she’s well on her way to reach hers; success.

Hailing from North London from Nigerian parents, music has been a welcome friend for the artist whether that was listening to her parents’ blast Fela Kuti in the living room or singing in her church choir in Tottenham.

As an artist in her own right, she delivers all our nostalgic noughties R&B needs, with her own twist, to deliver heartfelt lyricism that conveys her experiences in love and life. With the studio serving as her second home, her work is equal parts agony aunt and dance-floor track and she’s fast becoming one to watch in Britain’s R&B scene.


Originally cutting her musical teeth as a backing singer and co-writer for the likes of MoStack, Tion Wayne and ZieZie, her debut with the eclectic track “Blink of an Eye” demonstrated her undeniable talent. Since then Dolapo has gone from strength to strength by advancing her sonic catalogue with the dance bop “Something New” with Hardy Caprio in 2019 and the dreamy “It’s Alright” released earlier this year.


Now, she’s setting her sights on a larger task at hand, creating her next EP. An exploration of a relationship in the early stages, she’s looking at the red flags and in turn, helping us spot them.
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Who were your musical influences growing up?

I had quite a few all with different vibes. Aaliyah is probably my main influence, Ashanti, Lagbaja, Kirk Franklin and Gospel music in general. Considering I was the youngest in my family of music lovers, I definitely took a piece from my older sisters, my Dad and also Church.

A self-described introvert as a child, what was it that made you realise you wanted to be a musician?

Haha still definitely an introvert now! Despite being one though, the vision I always saw for myself as a kid was me performing to a huge crowd, in an arena and with everyone shining their little white lights. That vision always left me feeling warm inside and I just had to pursue it. I always knew I could sing, it always felt easy for me from what I could remember but I think the feeling that vision would give me just felt so fulfilling.

The music industry is notoriously difficult to navigate – how has your faith helped you through tough times?

You definitely need God and a prayer (or 5) in this industry otherwise you’ll lose your mind. For me it’s an outlet, I speak to God, unfiltered and let out any stresses or triumphs. It’s also an escape for me, some days when it’s all just a bit too much, I turn off the music, turn off my tv and just sit and reflect. It’s like my meditation and in a business that requires your brain to be on 1000, sometimes that moment on stillness is everything for me.

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Music is a tool of expression for you and your writing style has been described as an ‘open diary’. Do you ever feel anxious or intimidated about sharing your emotions and thoughts?

YES! Especially on songs that show the different side to me, the more sexy, in your face, less humble songs mostly. I think because my music is so R&B centred, people are used to me singing about a broken heart or wanting to love someone or them to love me back lol. Occasionally, I have to show y’all I’m a Bad B too and that’s how I’m really feeling.

“It’s Alright” was released earlier this year and it has such an infectious sound and your vocals compliment the elements in the sound perfectly. What did you want fans to take from it?

That other, less humble upbeat side that I’m always talking about. I wanted my supporters to feel themselves for a min, know what they bring to the table and just have fun with it.

You’re heavily influenced by 2000s R&B and your sound and style page homage to that era in a number of ways. What is it about that very distinctive style that draws people in?

For me, nobody did it like the girls in the 2000s, from the artists to the video vixens. It’s the natural beauty for me, with some gloss and some bling. It’s very different to what we’re used to seeing today. So now when we see it, it’s like nostalgia mixed with breath of fresh air. I live for the 2000s.

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In your EP you’re focusing on the early days of being in a relationship. Why did you want to explore this?

Because I went through this wholeee EP and all the emotions it goes through literally as I was writing the songs. “I Swear” and “Changes” are about the same person, like life really comes at you fast. Love, and falling in and out of it is something we all go through. Although that was the way round my story went at the time, each song has it’s own story to one of my supporters. I love hearing what each song means to them.

Do you think people are more inclined to let things slide about a partner in those early days?

Yes, who doesn’t miss a red flag. I think it’s just through experience, although painful that we learn. Now, I know the clear signs of a man who loves the ladies a little too much. I can’t tell when someone expects me to raise them into being a man and I runnnnn for the hills. No man can disturb my peace now.

If you could pick anyone, dead or alive, to collaborate with on a single, who would you pick?

In no particular order, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson and Drake.

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