Press play on the latest offering from Kina, the maestro of melancholic lo-fi.

At the tender age of 24, Italian artist Kina has carved out a space for himself in the music world with his platinum-certified hit, ‘Get You The Moon’. Collaborating with writer and vocalist Snøw, the track emerged as a moody, lo-fi pop anthem that resonated deeply with listeners worldwide.  


Self released on Soundcloud, ‘Get You The Moon’ quickly became a phenomenon, flooding TikTok FYPs and ultimately earning Kina the distinction of being the first Italian artist to reach one billion Spotify streams for an original single. The track’s unique blend of melancholy and lo-fi elements introduced a fresh sound to the music scene, catapulting Kina into the spotlight and catching the attention of renowned record labels. Columbia Records, in particular, recognised the potential of the track and re-released it during its meteoric rise to fame. 


In his recent documentary series, Asleep In A Dream, Kina reflects on his musical evolution, emphasising his desire for self-expression above all else. His immersive lo-fi soundscapes have garnered over 15 billion YouTube streams and earned him numerous platinum discs worldwide. Now based in Lisbon, Kina continues to push boundaries with his latest album, kinamood, a testament to his dedication to crafting evocative and atmospheric music. 


As Kina prepares to unveil new music this year, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his captivating musical journey, eager to be swept away by his signature blend of melancholic melodies and lo-fi aesthetics. 

Listen to 'Get You The Moon' now: