Girl In Red

Oslo born Marie Ulven aka Girl In Red is the teenage queer icon making heartfelt bedroom pop bops about girls.

Her infectious track “girls” (lifted from her debut EP, Chapter 1)—features the adobes line “They’re so pretty it hurts / I’m not talkin’ bout boys, I’m talkin’ bout girls” and rightly has over a million views on YouTube.

Do plays and followers matter?

Yes and no, it’s cool to think that every follow and play is made by real people with their own lives and thoughts and feelings and not focus too much on a number.


Are we alone in the universe?



How would you describe your style?



If your music was a flavour what would it be?

Lemonade—sweet but kinda bitter sometimes.


Do you remember the first song you wrote?

Yes it’s so bad.


Bedroom or studio recording?

Bedroom studio.


Have you ever broken the law?



What’s your earliest musical memory?

Probably listening to my moms CD in her car.


Do you believe in magic?



Most famous person in your DMs?

Clairo I believe.


Best advice you’ve been given?



Is the glass half full or half empty?

Half empty.


Go to karaoke song?

“Dancing queen” by Abba.


Do you have any ink?

I have a line drawing of two people on my arm, and my friend tattooed ‘universe’ on my right arm with stick and poke.


Do you own airpods?

Hahh no.


What’s your spirit animal?

Someone told me yesterday that I was her spirit animal.


Where do you go to escape?

My bed.