A voice that sounds like honey and money - the husky toned singer LVRA has released another memorable hit with 'Girl Like Me', an honest and unguarded declaration of the feeling called love.

20-year-old singer LVRA (pronounce loo-rah) may be a newcomer, but she is dominating her sound with ease and finesse. With two songs already under her musical belt – LVRA has proven that she is one to watch with singles ‘u don’t have to like me’ and ‘you should be in love with me’.



Since the success of those two releases – the artist has blessed us with her latest single and music video for ‘Girl Like Me’ which displays the singer’s vocal range and ability to explore different soundscapes. Vulnerable, honest and reminiscent, the song is an exploration of the overwhelming emotions you feel when you’re in love.



“It’s the first song I’ve written that’s come from pure happiness,” she says. “I was at a point when I was happier than ever – I was super independent and focusing on my friends, and studying and making music. I didn’t think it was possible for me to want something more, because I never felt like anything was missing from my life. Turns out being in love when you’re truly happy feels ways better.”



Her seemingly effortless vocals are controlled yet powerful, and possess a tenderness that powers the emotion of her lyrics. That organic quality is heightened by evocative piano, yet the creative production swells to become an encapsulating alt-pop soundscape. It sounds like the work of a seasoned master of their craft, yet LVRA wrote, produced and recorded the track in her bedroom studio.



Perfectly accompanying the song, the music video seamlessly combines everyday scenes with surreal moments of fantasy and escapism using elements of ballet and contemporary dance. Check out LVRA’s latest song and music video directed by Antonio Perricone and Luke Wintour below!


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