R&B whizz, HJ Soul, unveils heartfelt dreamy anthem ‘Girl On The Train’.

Have you ever experienced those instances when you lock eyes with an attractive person on public transportation, only to be engulfed by a sense of melancholy, knowing you’ll never encounter them again? Well, now there’s a song that encapsulates all those overflowing emotions. Crafted by R&B and soul artist, HJ Soul, ‘Girl On The Train’ reflects on these moments against a canvas of a languid, soulful melody with the pulsating heartbeat of an R&B-infused beat.


Guiding us through an anecdotal tale of a fleeting moment, HJ Soul reflects on a missed opportunity when he envisioned what could have transpired had he spoken to the girl on the train before her departure. We witness the romantic narrative of the “city girl” intricately woven with the essence of the track—which lies in the proclamation about the swift pace of life—as he employs imaginative lyricism, which forms the backbone of the song.


As ‘Girl On The Train’ progresses, we witness the storyline following suit, with each verse tailored meticulously to the emotional trajectory of the romantic story. The addition of harmonies, as well as adlibs, imparts an extra layer of soul that effortlessly propels the track into a dreamy realm.


On the song, HJ says, “I was sitting in a room on a warm evening just at the fall when autumn started, with this warm beige lighting in the room creating this cozy effect, and I was thinking with my vision and artistry what kind of song could I create in this sort of atmosphere. I had this track playing and I don’t know all of a sudden I was thinking of a time that I’d met this girl on the train standing near to where I was, and then a beautiful story unfolded in my mind of how I could write a song about this.”

Listen to ‘Girl On The Train’: