Get to know Girls Can't DJ, an all-female DJ community proving that girls can spin it.

With female’s becoming increasingly popular and prominent on the DJ scene, this all-female musical community is all about showcasing the latest and eldest female and non-binary talent on the decks. Filling up every dancefloor they can get their hands on, this originally dynamic duo which has grown into an extra dynamic female community are spicing up the night with sounds from the old to the new. With DJing and music originally being an extremely male-dominated scene, these ladies are triumphantly paving way to break down the status quo and ensure there is space for all to shine behind the decks.

Originally created by female DJ’s Jords and Faro, this dynamic duo had an intense passion for music and taking over the aux cord at every opportunity they could. But for the duo, the aux just was not enough. Frustrated by the lack of women spinning the decks, these inspirational ladies wanted to prove, girls can spin it too! Re-developing the gender inequalities in the DJ scene starting with their hometowns, the contagious female energy spread like a wildfire after meeting likeminded females who also wanted to be the master sound behind the party. With individuals from the fiercely talented sisterhood taking over the stage at some of the biggest UK festivals like Lovebox, Bestival and The Secret Garden Party this female energy has also taken over the mic’s, as they have their own radio show on Ballami FM every Thursday 1-3pm. Featuring on Reprezent Radio, Foundation FM and Boiler Room individually this powerful female energy is due to shake things up big time around London and fingers crossed if summer DJ residencies go their way, worldwide too!

With a sisterhood at heart ethos, GCDJ work extremely hard from dawn till dusk not only creating badass set’s for our wild nights out but to create an accessible place for promoters and festival bookers to find female talent and erase any excuse for gender unbalanced line ups. This sisterhood is an imperative in the music industry to shine a light on women in music and to empower one another to thrive by sharing stories, experiences and advice to not only one another but other inspiring female DJ’s out there. Staying heavily inspired by other female DJ’s all over the world and especially London, such as A.G, Jamz Supernova, Snoochie and Emerald as they dedicate their creative ethos around platforming all binary and non-binary females to shine through as there most definitely is space for all to spin it. We catch up with the energetic and free-spirited group to get to know them just that little bit more…


What does music mean to you?

Music is my everything, I have music on at all times playing in the background. A lot of friendships and relationships i have formed have all mostly started with a bond over music.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a female DJ?

It definitely has its challenges. There are a lot more female DJs around than ever before so people automatically assume that the industry doesn’t have a sexism problem but that is not the case. There are more female DJs about, but the problems we face are still very apparent. I think sisterhood is so important and that’s one of the main reasons I started GCDJ to create a community/support network, power in numbers and all that haha.

What kind of change would you like to see in the music industry regarding equal representation for women?

Research across the UK and US has found that out of all the acts booked for major music festivals only 20-25% of them are female. This statistic is appalling, there are so many amazing female acts and it’s so frustrating that they aren’t being recognized. In all honesty, it’s laziness (as well as sexism) from the festival bookers. Hopefully, the GCDJ website will change this as the site makes it very accessible to find female talent.

What are your goals?

Honestly, my main goal at the moment is to battle inequality in the DJing scene. I want the Girls Can’t DJ site to be the place people go for fresh female talent. I have given promoters and bookers the benefit of the doubt on the basis of “not knowing any female DJs” but the site makes it so accessible that there’s just no excuse anymore.

Who are your heroes?

My mum, being a single mum she has really taught me the meaning of hard work and from early on has prepared me for the adversities I would face in life. 

What’s next for you in 2019?

For 2019 I’m going to continue to challenge the industry and teach as many women as possible how to DJ.