To celebrate International Women’s Day, we teamed up with Girls I Rate and Kindred for the electrifying Step In party with a vibrant showcase of Amapiano's rising stars.

Step In is a new party initiative by Girls I Rate, the pioneering movement founded by Carla Marie Williams MBE, a renowned songwriter with credits for global superstars like Beyoncé and Britney Spears. Held at Kindred, a unique venue championing community connection, the night promised an unforgettable experience for Amapiano enthusiasts and advocates of female empowerment alike. After teaming up with the trailblazing organisation to celebrate the event with our recent digital cover with Captain Lulaz, Nqobilé and Skyla Tylaa, read on to find out what went down at the vital event…


Guiding the evening’s festivities was our diet the dynamic host Captain Lulaz, who matched her infectious energy with the party-like atmosphere. The lineup boasted an array of talent, including headliner DJ Skyla Tylaa, who shut down stages recently on Wizkid’s Made In Lagos tour. London-based artist AB DOLLAR$, the enchanting Ms Dee, and high-octane beats from DJ Jess Bee all complemented the captivating performances from GIR Dancers.


The night’s pivotal moment was the official launch of GIR Records, an initiative dedicated to amplifying womens’ voices in the music industry. The event showcased a premiere performance from rising star Nqobilé: the imprint’s first signee. GIR is committed to fostering talent and inclusivity and hope to help the careers of many other artists marginalised by the industry.


Reflecting on the significance of the occasion, Carla Marie Williams expressed her pride in creating spaces where women can thrive creatively. “I’m proud to be launching GIR Records & GIR PRESENTS Step In Parties, creating safe spaces for women to perform, play, dance and be who they wanna be. She adds: “As a writer/producer, nurturing talent has always been one of my core missions, I love being at the beginning and end of the journey and am grateful Notion & kindred have come on board to help elevate our vision!”

The partnership between Girls I Rate, Notion, and Kindred underscores a shared dedication to uplifting underrepresented voices and fostering a more inclusive creative landscape. As the first of many collaborative events to come, Step In heralds a new era of empowerment and celebration within the music community.

Find out more about Girls I Rate here now. 

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