Multi-instrumentalist Roselien introduces her latest groove-infused single “Give Me A Break” from her upcoming EP, 'Seventh Ascension'.

Hailing from Brussels but now based in London, Roselien has curated her own signature sound comprised of elements of R&B, electronic, nu-jazz, funk and neo-soul. Her latest single, “Give Me A Break” pulses with neo-soul energy and provides a dynamic, multi-layered listening experience that will have you finding something else to love with every listen.


Speaking on the track, Roselien shares: ‘“Give Me A Break” is about realising how high the price can be for chasing your dream.’


“Give Me A Break” is an insight into what is to come from Roselien’s upcoming EP Seventh Ascension, which reflects on her time in London and paints a picture of her mindset and struggles in pursuing a career in the industry. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Roselien played every single instrument that features on the EP as well as producing the whole project. Having opened for the likes of Meshell Ndegeocello, The Jones Girls and Bilal, Roselien is a force to be reckoned with and is only getting stronger with every release.

Listen to the track below: