Berlin-based musician, Sofia Karlberg, shares her glittery new track "Glowstick".

Sofia Karlberg’s new track opens with a reverbed guitar riff, a marimba-like piano melody ushering in her raspy vocal tones.


On the single, Karlberg effortlessly displays her delicate range as she croons about “a relationship that you feel stuck in and feeling bad about, but anyway try to keep the appearance up. Just like a glowstick, you are broken in the middle but shine anyway.”


The Swedish born singer began to accumulate fame singing covers online back in 2015 which led to her bagging a deal with Universal, and two years later we saw the birth of her first single “Bad Omen”. Her second single “Stockholm Syndrome” followed shortly after in 2019, but after spending time in her creative space in Berlin and connecting with top producers Kilian & Jo, Blyne and Steven Hanley, she has returned with another electro-pop track filled with heartfelt lyricism and well-textured instrumentation.


Regularly racking up tens of millions of streams on her tracks (and in some cases, hundreds of millions), Sofia Karlberg is no stranger to success. We’ve got no doubt that “Glowstick” will reap the same rewards.

Listen to "Glowstick" below:

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