The Anomaly leads an alt-rock reform with their politically charged single, 'Go!', amid UK constitutional changes.

London-based artist Imran Khan, known by his moniker The Anomaly, released his latest single, ‘Go!’, last month. Slated to debut this June, the track serves as a defiant, anti-establishment anthem that takes aim at the corruption and inefficiency plaguing political leaders. The song’s potent lyrics and vigorous electric guitar lines create a raw rock sound filled with emotion.


The Anomaly, as Imran’s solo project, offers a distinct blend of British and American alternative rock influences from some of music’s most defining eras. His ability to weave potent lyrics and catchy instrumentation seamlessly results in a striking, instantly recognisable sound. ‘Go!’’s catchy chorus (“We think you all need to go!”) is an infectious ear-worm that showcases Imran’s knack for taking pop sensibilities and adding making them his own, taking cues from the experimental elements of Radiohead and Royalblood’s comparably riff-focused back-catalogue.


As he explains, “This song is a critique of the self-serving nature of politicians, highlighting how their quest for power often overshadows the interests of the public they are meant to serve,” highlighting the single’s rebellious spirit and political potency.


In his west London home studio, The Anomaly remains a fully independent artist, overseeing every aspect of production. As he prepares for live performances, Imran and his band continue to cultivate a growing fanbase. The project offers an immersive listening experience that reveals new layers to The Anomaly with every single that goes by. Fans of alternative rock seeking an authentic and fresh sound will find much to admire in ‘Go!’.

Listen to 'Go!' now: