BermudaCal unleashes euphoric hip-hop track, ‘GOD’, as he explores the depths of doubt and introspection.

One artist unafraid to confront some of life’s profound questions is independent hip-hop polymath BermudaCal. Harnessing melodic hooks and standout saxophone solos, he seamlessly melds soul-soothing instrumentals with soft rap, setting himself apart from the crowd. His latest track, ‘GOD’, not only advances his quintessential sound, but also delves into the very fabric of his beliefs and existence.


Hailing from Bermuda—hence his artist name—BermudaCal is no newcomer to the scene. Since 2018, he has released a slew of singles, as well as an EP, captivating audiences with his tranquil soundscapes imbued with hints of avant-garde edginess and allure. His debut single, ‘Novocaine’, which explores a troubled relationship, firmly cemented his position in the hip-hop scene, garnering over five million streams on Spotify. Now, perched at the pinnacle of his artistry, with acclaimed tracks to his name, BermudaCal continues to explore life’s philosophical questions, as he addresses its most significant aspects through his music.


Employing existential questions about God and his uncertainties, ‘GOD’ marks another notch under BermudaCal’s belt, exemplifying his adeptness at crafting compelling narratives within a lush musical soundscape. Serving as the lead single for his forthcoming album, The Divinity of Doubt, the track seamlessly oscillates between moments of intensity and introspection, as BermudaCal grants a glimpse into his inner mind through lyricism that reads like an internal dialogue, where he confronts and navigates his struggles with doubt.


Complementing the track, BermudaCal releases a music video that aptly captures its profound essence. Despite his mention of creating the video with “minimal resources”, after watching it, you would believe it was produced with a substantial budget. Shot in Bermuda, the video unravels glimpses of the island’s natural beauty, interspersed with contemporary dances, as an archaic church provides a backdrop for BermudaCal to unravel his internal conflicts.


Reflecting on the creation of ‘GOD’, BermudaCal shares, “This track was the catalyst for my debut album. It explores the theme of doubting the existence of a higher power. I composed the beat about a year and a half ago, and the lyrics flowed effortlessly during a session by the beach. The music video, created with minimal resources and a lot of heart, is a testament to the dedication of my friends who supported the project, understanding the challenges faced by an independent artist.”

Watch the music video for 'GOD' now: