Multi-talented artist Grizzly Feeder's new single, ‘God Size’, is bulging with left-field sounds and powerfully seductive lyricism.

Given away by the moniker, Grizzly Feeder was always going to hard launch into the musical landscape. Adding to their fast-growing body of tongue-in-cheek work, the groundbreaking artist’s new single, ‘God Size’, takes on pop whilst breaking every music rule. 


27 instruments clash and harmonise as the singer-songwriter tells a terrifyingly passionate tale of love. Sonically, the track is similar to contemporary rock, but with a punk spirit. The alternative artist harnessed a shattered beer bottleneck and a smashed coffee can filled with coins to create savage guitar riffs and rattling percussion. Over a thunderous orchestra, strong female vocals soar and seduce, adding softer touches to melodies which trace an emotional rollercoaster. 


Also a filmmaker, Grizzly Feeder channels all these sounds and stories into visuals that could be short films. ‘God Size’’s music video is nothing short of epic. Shot across North America – from the Arctic Circle to the Redwoods and Malibu – with a crew of 20, the plot is a wild metaphor for the song’s familiar and relatable subject matter. The narrative unfolds as a team of ancient explorers discover a key to a new world, which they then attempt to conquer. It’s as curious as it sounds, but we’d expect nothing less from this nonconformist who is boldly charging into the music space, ready to be heard.

Listen to 'God Size' now: