Vylana’s brand-new album ‘GODDESS RISE’ is out now, an introspective accumulation of the artist's work so far.

Vylana is a creative of many forms, a singer and a Polynesian dancer, throughout her music the artist emphasizes the importance of connecting with her feminine expression. Having just recently shared her brand-new EP – ‘GODDESS RISE’ – is a collection of five emotive tracks, driven by raw storytelling.


This year has been a prosperous one for the artist, having recently collaborated with Jon Hopkins on his latest single “A Gathering Of The Time”, 2022 has also seen Vylana perform at ARKADIA festival, and played two slots at Burning Man festival. Her brand-new project ‘GODDESS RISE’ is in a lot of ways a musical autobiography of the artist’s life. Exploring different variations of love, loss, sacred rage, boundaries and more, Vylana unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve on this EP. 


Talking about ‘GODDESS RISE’ Vylana says: “This is the album I wish I could have listened to when I was younger. It provides a map to a territory that I had to learn through my own heartbreak and self-abandonment. I’ve never done anything in my life I am more proud of, and I can’t wait to share this with the world”.

Stream “GODDESS RISE” in full below: