Junoflo serves hip-hop electricity and drum beats in his newest single, 'Goin' Nigo'.

“I have a deep love for experimental and electronic music”, says Junoflo of his latest track ‘Goin’ Nigo’. The Korean-American artist is generally positioned in rap/hip-hop categories but with ‘Goin’ Nigo’ he’s ventured further afield; elements of drum’n’bass and liquid jungle combined with hard-hitting synths underscore the dynamic rap. 


Junoflo’s musical career kicked off in South Korea where his rapping cut through the K-pop-dominated music scene. Moving to LA, the lyricist’s fanbase only grew, culminating in a performance during an NBA halftime show. Unleashing this single today, Junoflo is proving he’s still got more to show, as he places production at the forefront. 


“This song portrays an unrestricted and non-consequential lifestyle that I lived on my journey thus far, all while striving for success and aiming to prove my place in music,” Junoflo says. “The term ‘Goin’ Nigo’ is a nod to Japanese fashion designer Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape, and means to go ape, go gorilla, go crazy. Sonically, the production is genre-bending in that it incorporates elements from hip hop, drum n bass, and liquid jungle to create its own soundscape unique to whatever’s going on in my brain.”

Listen to 'Goin Nigo' now: