Alternative hip-hop two-piece, Hippie Tribe, go stratospheric with their new single ‘GOKU’.

The gravity-defying Brooklyn-based duo Hippie Tribe, consisting of blond.bomber and dp.thuHippie, have been turning heads – seamlessly blending genres such as Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Alt Rock to create their addictive signature sound.


The pair are back with their brand-new release “GOKU”, a face-melting, 808-driven banger. Coming in at a little under a minute-and-a-half, the high-impact track shocks with its “throw water in your face to wake you up” attitude. This riotous track will have you ‘ready to go Super Saiyan’, explains blond.bomber, ‘…headbanging is encouraged!’


Predicting their ascension into stardom, Hippie Tribe muse: “We feel like we’re in the part of the space program where it’s like 2-weeks ‘til launch. No t-minus countdown clock yet. No space suits on – you might be cutting grass or watching a movie with your shorty – Life is still “normal” … But, there’s this little whisper growing – you can’t really take a step without noticing it – you know for a fact, in a few weeks, you gon’ be in Space. Space… That’s where we are.” Thankfully, there is still time to jump on the Hippie Tribe rocket before this duo become overnight sensations. 3…2…1…­­­

Stream the track below: