Stockholm based indie artist, Temple In Man, releases dreamy new single “Golden Sparks”.

Temple In Man is musical project from multi-talented songwriter and producer Oskar Jennefors. Drawing inspiration from 60s and 70s soul artists such as Marvin Gaye and Roy Ayers, to more contemporary acts like Flying Lotus and The Avalanches, the Swedish artist’s sound is playful, passionate and full of creative freedom.


Temple In Man’s music has already earned praise and support on his debut singles “Reminiscing”, “Blue Skies” and “The Light”. His more recent track, “Colors Bloom” showed a vast array of textures and tones with hints to Tame Impala in places, with his latest single offering more of the same.


“Golden Sparks” is a deep soundscape that has a cinematic lo-fi touch and explores the states between dream and reality. A myriad of sounds ebbs and flows, creating a magical musical space for the listener to explore.


As he explains, “For me, listening to and writing music is very much about exploration. To explore myself and all that I contain, both the known and the unknown. In the same sense Temple In Man acts as a platform that I can use for just that – a tool for exploration without limitations… Temple In Man combines the particular and universal – that which we all face and go through in life as human beings. Even though one always expresses oneself through personal experiences, Temple In Man is more about “we” and “us” then it is about “me”.”


Adding to the releases leading up his upcoming debut album ‘Spots Of Light’, Temple In Man is creating music full of mystery and wonder.

Listen to "Golden Sparks" below: