From busking on the streets of Dublin to garnering attention as ‘One To Watch’ for 2021 -  KK Lewis returns with the new single "Good Enough".

“Good Enough” shares the Irish singer’s honest outlook on living in these unprecedented times while disguising the lyrics in dreamy vocals and laid-back guitar chords. Written during lockdown, KK Lewis’s world “existed entirely through my phone and watching other people’s lives” – which we can all agree we were also doing. Speaking on the song’s lyrics KK Lewis explains how she has always “struggled with my body image growing up and comparing myself to others, however lockdown really skyrocketed these emotions” – again something I’m sure many of us can resonate with.


While “Good Enough” shows an extremely vulnerable side to KK Lewis, her forthcoming EP Dreaming will explore a different version of the artist on each of the tracks. Revealing a new story and a new sound with every song, the EP will be a collection of KK’s character.

Stream "Good Enough" by KK Lewis below: