Gabriela Eva unravels an ethereal electronic sound in latest track ‘Good to Her’.

Gabriela Eva has rightfully earned her flowers. Through unwavering determination and true passion for her craft, she has mastered a celestial sound that transcends convention boundaries and disparate styles synergise. With her debut EP on the horizon, she offers us a glimpse of what’s in store in her latest track, ‘Good to Her’, unravelling a woman’s battle with toxic love, as we witness her trying to break free from it.


Unlike many artists, Gabriela’s music palette is one of variation: fusing electronica with flavourings of indie soul, hints of alt-pop and subtle arrangements of jazz complexities, she has perfected a sui generis sound whilst boasting her fearless take on genre-blurring. Using her childhood struggles in school and her relationship with her dyslexia as motivation to carve her own distinct path, the arts quickly morphed into her outlet, where she could unravel her musical artistry and passion which soon became the foundations of her quintessential song writing style.


With her latest track, ‘Good to Her’, we witness her artistic prowess and storytelling dexterity come to life. The soul-drenched anthem is at its crux centred of self-exploration, as we embark on the voyage through a woman’s intricate yet deceptive narratives as she dedicates herself to the paths that ultimately harm her. Only familiar with toxic love, she finds solace in what’s familiar, even if it’s baleful.


Through velvety vocals, Gabriela unfolds the pressing narrative through poignant lyricism—which reads like poetry—accompanied by a spellbinding tempo. The chorus is transcendent and raw, encompassing a sacred quality that melds electronic sounds with hypnotic guitar lines and occasional riffs. It’s intersection of pulsating electronic drums serves as testament to her eloquent electronic soundscapes, as we witness her superlunary vocals take centre stage with the backdrop of an infectious melody that’s sure to get your body swaying.


Listen to 'Good to Her' now: