Detroit rising hip-hop star Blakery serves new single, 'GRACE': a motivational track that resonates with the raw honesty of an artist navigating the music industry.

Since launching his musical career in 2016, just after high school, Blakery has drawn inspiration from icons like Earl Sweatshirt, XXXTENTACION, and A$AP Rocky. His music, deeply rooted in the memories of lost loved ones, aims to honour their legacy, driving him forward in his artistic endeavours. With three albums and over 10 singles, Blakery’s growing discography has already garnered over two million streams across various platforms.


‘GRACE’ is distinguished by its mesmerising beat and Blakery’s fluid flow, underscored by sharp lyricism. The track’s production, featuring a minimalist yet captivating beat anchored by a melodic piano sample, pushed Blakery to explore new artistic territories. This creative shift resulted in a fresh, deeply personal track that stands apart from his traditional style.


Reflecting on his new single, Blakery shares, “‘GRACE’ is a motivational track that came to mind based off the beat itself. This simple but catchy beat helped create the verse. The piano sample made me change the traditional style that I go for when making music. Without the beat, the lyrical content would not exist for this song.”


‘GRACE’ exemplifies Blakery’s artistic growth and unwavering commitment to his craft. The single is now available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms, inviting listeners to join Blakery on his inspirational musical journey.

Listen to 'GRACE' now: