Soak in the excellent vibes of indie outfit The Winter Sounds' brand new EP, 'Grand Gestures', out now.

Fit to soundtrack any independent, coming-of-age film, The Winter Sounds’ latest EP is a post-punk-tinged offering with poetic lyrics and feel-good vibrations. Focus track, “Ocean Waves” is no different, a tune that’s sure to get your head nodding and body moving.  


‘Grand Gestures’ arrives five years on from the band’s last EP, ‘Maximum Reality’, which toyed with dream-pop amongst alternative sounds and post-punk sensibilities. Over the course of their over-decade-long history as a group, they’ve continuously experimented with new sounds, resulting in an impressively genre-rich discography. 


The US hailers can be recognised by their high-energy live shows, frequenting all from local house parties to huge festivals. They’ve played Midpoint, SXSW, Athfest and, notably, a luchador-themed prom in Mexico – all bases covered. 


Following this latest release “Grand Gestures”, it appears there’s still much to come. The EP’s a teaser of a full album set for an early 2024 release. ‘Jupiter’ will be produced by Derek Garten, who’s previously worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, and promises more of lead Patrick Keenan’s signature vocals and, of course, plenty more foot-tap-worthy tracks.