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Greentea Peng is a beguiling musical enchantress, to say the least, her soulful, slinky tracks seduce our ears with buttery vocals sitting atop R&B melodies. As El Dorado continue to assess the global situation, we hope to see Greentea enchant us!

In a myriad of genre-blending sounds evocative of a grand coalition between Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu, Greentea Peng teases the perceived boundaries between opposing states: looking inwards and outwards; hope and despair; tender vulnerability and strength. She crafts shapeshifting music that draws you in—it’s like a soothing balm chronicling the trials and tribulations that punctuate our everyday lives. As El Dorado continually take into consideration the global situation and follow government advice, all we can do is hope to see this wonderful enchantress at El Dorado Festival 2020.

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