Belfast born singer-songwriter May Rosa shows off her atmospheric and dreamlike soundscape in her latest release “Gresham Street”.

May Rosa pairs her delicately haunting yet distinctive vocal tones with 80s inspired production, leaving her listeners in a haze of nostalgia throughout.


The reverbed guitar strums and carefully placed melodic synth patterns provide a sonically full texture that sets her sound apart from the rest of the alt-pop musicians currently in the scene.


Lyrically, May Rosa paints a vivid picture of a memory that once took place on ‘Gresham Street’. A memory that perhaps she wants to escape but can’t as she reflects on even the smallest of details, from the “bar that opened recently” to the “paint-stained jeans” of her lover.


After charging through the scene in 2017 with her enchanting debut single “Dancing With Debris, she continues to garner support from multiple radio stations across Ireland and more. Stream “Gresham Street” below:

Listen to May Rosa's single "Gresham Street" below: