Nottingham born singer, songwriter and producer, George Gretton, has us gazing at the skies, with his atmospherical new track ‘Grey/Blue.’

Having already received critical acclaim from the likes of COLORS and Complex magazine, ‘Grey/Blue’ strikes a chord with all of us. A lyrical prowess combined with expansive arrangements, George somehow explores loneliness in the mind as something universal. Inspired by the often echoed anaphoric hook that reminds us that we’re not alone, ‘whether skies are grey or blue’, George describes how he brought the saying to life. “I had heard the phrase ‘Whether skies are grey or blue’ somewhere and it really resonated with me. I wrote the lyrics during a time of no personal progression whatsoever, and that line was just such a beautiful way of basically saying that I’ve just got to crack on through the good moments and the not so good moments.”


Directed by Imogen Harrison, the music video really emphasises this magnetic tension between acceptance and isolation. “For me, duality and contrast are consistent themes throughout the lyrics and video. They’re everywhere, from being locked inside through the day and free at night, to exploring artificial and futuristic-looking city through the lens of an old film camera, to living through the good times and shit times, to skies being grey or blue.” Shot in London, mainly because there are so many locations that are usually horribly busy but are weirdly peaceful after dark, the visuals are beautifully complemented by the single; there is a sense of calm and comfort that lingers in the air after every watch.


Catch George at Nottingham at The Bodega on 26th November and London at The Courtyard Theatre on 28th November. Tickets here & on DICE.