Italian born, Amsterdam-based artist Leon Seti releases his second album ‘Grimoire’, a kaleidoscopic journey through his deepest thoughts, dreams and desires.

Since dropping his debut album COBALT in 2019, enigmatic artist Leon Seti has demonstrated that the sky is truly the limit. Achieving #1 on the iTunes Electronic Chart in Italy, Seti has solidified his position within the industry as a true force to be reckoned with. On his second album, Grimoire, the electro-pop prodigy enchants and entices listeners to take a step into his relatable world woven with raw emotion.


Laced with poignant vocals, Seti proudly wears his heart on his sleeve as he embarks on a profound exploration of his own trauma and the eventual path to healing. Complemented by deep and nostalgic instrumentals crafted by Pancratio, his experience unfolds as a genuine voyage of discovery and recovery. Seti attains a harmonious blend of the personal and the universally relatable within every track’s message, as well as effortlessly intertwining lavish vocal harmonies and intricate layers that brings a warmth to his emotive voice.


And I’m Gone, the second track on the album’s ten, is an ode to his musical passion and individualism as an artist. Synthetic elements play at a slow spellbinding tempo which hooks listeners into its vivid soundscape with plush pads and bubbling arpeggios. However, arguably it is the meticulously crafted lyrics that are the real showstopper. Whilst telling a story of a resonating desire for escapism from a toxic relationship, Seti knows his love isn’t right and is taking arms against it. He sings, “I’m gone. “I’m gonna drive away and take a moment to breathe.” The moment of recognising and needing to break free is one many of us have felt, and at last, we have the perfect song and album to accompany those times.


“Grimoire is an album I wrote about the healing of trauma. I wanted every song to feel like a spell in a magic book, where the pain feels so old it’s almost acting like a balm,” Seti explains. “And I’m Gone, specifically, is a song about wanting to escape from a place of dread and solitude, and even though I talk like I’ve already left, it was actually written while I was living in London and wanting to escape a toxic relationship.”

Listen to ‘Grimoire’ now: