Gus Harvey's new single is a hazy, lo-fi love affair.

There’s a dustiness to Gus Harvey‘s new single ‘Chance’ that’s intoxicating. Pieced together from chopped up samples and whispered understated vocals, ‘Chance’ is a dreamlike collage of a song. Premiering today on Notion, ‘Chance’ was inspired by the end of a relationship and Harvey questioning whether or not to give things another try. Melodies drift in and out while the beat swings beneath Harvey’s tender vocal, giving the whole track a nocturnal, almost surreal vibe. The accompanying music video, directed by Netti Hurley, fits the track’s sketchy, lo-fi aesthetic perfectly, fragmentedly following Harvey as she drifts in out of the relationship, taking soul-searching trips to the countryside and a church along the way.


Speaking about the track Gus Harvey said: “‘Chance’ started for me after sleeping three consecutive nights in someone’s bedroom. On the third morning, I decided I wasn’t coming back. It wasn’t a horrible relationship; it was very loving, but I wanted more from it than they did. I was lying in the bed for the last time, alone because they’d gone to work first, and wrote some bars there that became the verse. Not long after I was in session with a guy who goes by Subculture, last thing at night – we used to work for like 22 hours at a time, and I was nearly on the point of sleep. He put this beat on and goes “Sing around this”. The vocals started off so sleepy but he pushed me to go harder and then used all of it, so you have all these layers of energy. In between that and the next session, I connected the verses to it, and to the idea of kicking a habit.” Watch/ listen to ‘Chance’ below.