Pop singer-songwriter Grace Amulet releases her debut single "Hades", inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey and Sia.

Grace Amulet is our new alt-pop obsession. With only a debut single, “Hades”, to her name, the singer-songwriter is evocatively telling her story and setting sights on a global impact. Inviting listeners on the journey with her, the debut single encapsulates a dreamy, almost hypnotic soundscape that leaves you wanting more of what the enigmatic artist has to offer. 


Developing an ear at a young age, Grace already has plans to release a debut album later this year. Her career began while in adolescence, writing songs as a cathartic release from daily life. 


“Hades” is an empowering track with dark tendencies. Drawing inspiration from artists like Caroline Polachek, Lana Del Rey and Sia, there’s a captivating moodiness to the instrumentation and lyricism that fans of any genre would admire. The single encapsulates themes of disillusionment, as Grace sings about breaking from societal norms and expections. On the track, she says: “I grew up feeling like I had to be the ‘good girl’ archetype, and once I hit my mid-twenties, and a bunch of things in my life crumbled disastrously, I moved to a big city and started to embrace messiness”.

Stream "Hades" below: