Hannah Lucia conjures an unlikely pop banger from the depths of London's club scene.

Hannah Lucia‘s new single sounds like what would happen if FKA Twigs went to the rave. A London-based singer, whose previously worked with the likes of Giggs, on ‘Strangest Feeling’ Lucia fuses the elegant, otherworldly qualities of Twigs with a bristling bassline straight out of the murky depths of London’s bass music world. Out of the constantly shifting melodies and scattered drums, the track manages to conjure a huge pop chorus, Lucia’s voices soaring above it all. Speaking about the track Hannah Lucia said “‘Strangest Feeling’ is about the dark crevices of your mind that won’t release someone from your memory. That person could take what they want and I wouldn’t judge them for leaving me with nothing but memories.” Listen to ‘Strangest Feeling’ below.

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