L.A. outfit VOILÀ return with new pop-punk album ‘Happy Never After’ featuring esteemed artist Kellin Quinn.

Consisting of Luke Eisner and Gus Ross, VOILÀ are an emo-rock duo with a magnetic sound. Their newly released album ‘Happy Never After’ sees the band collaborate with esteemed Sleeping with Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn on brooding single “Cursive”.  


With features across Spotify and Apple Music playlists, the band also have a notable appearance across the Global Top 25 on Shazam charts. Having previously supported the likes of Kesha, The Fray, X Ambassadors and Walk the Moon, the last 12 months have seen VOILÀ stomp their way to the top with a sizeable 1.2 million monthly listeners.  


‘Happy Never After’ sees VOILÀ co-write and collaborate with Aaron Gillespie (Underoath), Kevin Thrasher (Escape the Fate), Cameron Walker (TWIN XL) and Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set) to craft climactic pop-punk hits. Speaking about their collaboration with Kellin, Luke says: “It literally makes me want to cry just seeing Kellin’s name next to ours.” Touching upon their new full-length project, Gus adds: “This is the culmination of everything we’ve wanted to make musically since we met eight years ago. It has taken us four years to establish how we sound.”

Stream 'Happy Never After' in full below: