Slovakian electronic producer, musician and DJ, FVLCRVM, shares a tongue-in-cheek music video for his latest tune "Hate List."

Multi-hyphenate FVLCRVM has dropped a playful music video to accompany his latest tune “Hate List.” It’s a taste of his upcoming EP, ‘Attentioncore’ due this July through MOM I MADE IT. The 5-track project will synthesise elements of club and electronic music with catchy pop hooks.


In the visual, FVLCRVM has been aged considerably for a tongue-in-cheek take on a ‘Rocky’ fight preparation montage. We’re surprised to see that instead of a boxing match, he’s competing in a rock, paper, scissors tournament!

According to FVLCRVM, the track is “sounds like a 90s Rave anthem meeting pop music in the future. Think Salvador Ganacci, Chet Faker & Dua Lipa making music on an afterhour in a Manchester warehouse.”


Of the music video, FVLCRVM said, “Impersonating my future old me was more enjoyable than I thought. But the fact people were paid to lose against me made this shooting one of the best days of my life.”


Able to play a number of different instruments, you can see FVLCRVM’s music reflect the diet of gospel and soul he was brought up on. However, he also draws on a number of other, more contemporary musical influences, such as R&B, house, and grime to create a multi-layered, delicately thought-out music filled with irreverent social commentary.


Having worked from home for the past three years on his music, FVLCRVM has been undeterred by lockdown, although it’s meant that he doesn’t get to meet new people that often. “That’s why I keep losing the ability to reflect on other people’s stories,” he says. “I rather became interested in what’s triggering certain choices and decisions and where does all this start. And that’s what ‘Attentioncore’ is mostly about.”


Watch the music video for “Hate List” below”