The forever-evolving Anjelica releases striking visuals for her single "Haystack" in collaboration with RMR.

Led by intuition, Anjelica’s creative process is unexpected if not unconventional. After the sudden passing of her mother, a personal health scare threatened to derail Anjelica’s blossoming career. She woke up unable to speak or sing, ill with an undiagnosed medical condition for which she was told there was no treatment. Her subsequent self-led journey of personal healing saw her spend months isolated in a remote location, using many of the metaphysical practices her mother had taught her: meditation, past-life recall, in addition to psychedelics and plant medicines. In the month that followed, she describes having received messages from deceased ancestors, angelic and extra-terrestrial beings and having out-of-body experiences. Her music became a channel for these messages and guidance. As her voice returned, with a soulful and powerful change in tone, doctors defined her recovery as “spontaneous”.


Anjelica credits these experiences as influencing her “100% intuitive” creative process, a process evident in her most recent collaboration with RMR. Having first met him at her birthday party, RMR asked Anjelica if there were going to be any featured artists on her releases.  She jokingly replied, “maybe you”, and their collaborative track ‘Haystack’ was recorded a few weeks later.


This video release encapsulates Anjelica’s dynamic and ever-changing style, with Atlanta-born artist RMR adding his own brand of fusion rap to the mix. The visuals maintain the other-worldliness that comes to define Anjelica as an upcoming artist.

Watch the music video below: