Take a look into the filmmaker’s new book, 'Archive': capturing intimate and never-seen-before moments on set of her masterful films.

For her first book, Archive, Sofia Coppola delved deep into just that: her unique archival collection of photographs and ephemera which capture her cinematic oeuvre so far. Giving us a peek into the world of such an influential director, writer and producer, Coppola’s debut print project follows the journey from her early work of 1999’s The Virgin Suicides through to the seminal films Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette, to 2010’s lesser-known Somewhere, to boundary pushing Bling Ring and Beguiled, to 2020’s unexpected comedy On the Rocks, all the way up to the highly anticipated upcoming release Priscilla.


Whether unseen images from the sets of these visionary films – such as a ’90s Kirsten Dunst lounging in the grass and a 17-year-old Scarlett Johannson keeping cosy in an autumnal Japan – or a look into the making of them, Archive captures the mastery it takes to envisage and bring to life Coppola’s delicately rich cinematic worlds.

Alongside these intimately beautiful visuals, the book also features an extended interview with Sofia Coppola and renowned film journalist Lynn Hirschberg, editor-at-large of W magazine. In their conversation, the pair delve deep into the auteur’s universe, explore her unique creative processes and talk about the wonderful work they lead Coppola to.


Providing a never-seen-before look into the mind of a master, the book its a must have for a Coppola-loving cinephile, but equally is as captivating for someone just learning about the filmmaker’s work. Collected into a perfectly pink package, the embossed jacketed paperback is coffee-table ready: pretty yet full of substance, just like Sofia Coppola’s cinematic creations.


Archive (2023) by Sofia Coppola published by MACK available online here.

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