Independent songwriter and recording artist Koza releases her single "Heart Bleeds", on a mission of inspiration and empowerment.

Independent artist Koza is destined to have a place in your playlist from this moment on. Her new single “Heart Bleeds” draws on inspiration from ethereal artists like Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac, but Koza is clear about the vision of her own creative outputs. Her mission: empower everyone to embrace the power in vulnerability.


Koza made the move from Istanbul to London to follow the path of her musical idols, and she describes how this had a role in her creative process. For Koza, the process “spanned from the start of my journey in London to travels through my hometown of Istanbul, encompassing both the girl in love with love, and the woman I am now; unafraid and enamoured”.


Her latest single overtly faces this theme of love and is about relishing the nostalgia, that in Koza’s words “makes you feel alive”.  Armed with synth-pop sensibilities and a singer-songwriter vibe, her individuality shines through.

Watch the music video below: