Toronto rapper 730RARRI's new tune tells a melancholic, intricately produced story.

730RARRI has been wowing rap fans in Toronto for years with his sharp bars and relatable, clever lyrics, putting out hit tunes like “Loyalty”, a paean to the people he holds close to his heart and have supported him along the path to success.


Now, he’s back with his latest tune, “Heartbreak & Hermes”. Produced in collaboration with Just Ideas and st4r, it’s a true calling card for this rising rapper, with intricately designed production that proves the deep thoughtfulness that goes into 730RARRI’s music-making.


Of course, it’s the impactful lyrics delivered in 730RARRI’s smooth tones that forms the centre of the tune’s appeal – it’s a sensibility that invites the listener in and lets them engage more with the emotional themes the rapper tackles in this melancholic song that yearns for a simpler past time.


On the song, he comments, “My inspiration for ‘Heartbreak & Hermes’ was watching someone close to me drift off into someone I never knew. While making the song I wanted to try to connect with the listener so they know what it feels like to be caught in a triangle. The track gives two different perspectives but the same pain and emotions.” 

Listen here: