Yxng Bane curates a new video series which offers up advice on heartbreak, starting with Liam Payne.

Earlier this year, Notion cover-star Yxng Bane dropped his mixtape, HBK, which stands of Heartbreak Kid. Continuing his exploration of lost love, he’s curated a new YouTube series which seeks to offer advice on the age-old feeling of lost romance. “Hearbreak Kids is a series of videos about people’s individual understanding of what heartbreak means to them,” Bane explains. “We’ve all been heartbroken in some way in our lives and this body of work is my version of that”.

For the vids, he’s tapped some of his famous friends to come on-screen and share their own personal experiences of heartbreak and how they overcame them, and there’s no better person to start with than original heart-throb, Liam Payne. There’s some other surprise faces set to crop up over the course of the series.

Over the next few weeks, we will be premiering the series on exclusively on Notion, creating a unique body of interviews that will serve as your go-to guide for the lovelorn winter nights.

Heartbreak Kids: Liam Payne

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