Indulge in the buttery-smooth sounds of As Per Casper’s new musical offering, “Heat”, out now.

The brainchild of frontwoman Carla Saad, As Per Casper is the international indie-fusion band to have on your radar. Blending traditional Western music with Arabic influences, the collective has just released their new full-bodied single, “Heat”. It sees the Dubai-formed group teaming up with LA record producer Font Leroy, resulting in a chilled alt-R&B track with slick production and warming harmonies.


Their drive as musical creators is breaking down barriers while providing a platform for discussion and collaboration. Lead Saad has spent her years exploring the world, cultivating a rich knowledge of music globally. Of Syrian-Palestinian origin, and having connections to Dubai, the UK, and now Berlin, the artist is well-acquainted with the rich musical diversity from both the East and West.


“Heat” has been taken from their upcoming EP ‘Flow’, and explores yearning for lost love, and managing to find some lightness in the pain. Opening up on the track, Saad explains, “Font Leroy and I came together and wrote this piece about a somewhat unconditional love that is not reciprocated thus creating a burning urge for it, “Give me that heat”. The uplifting and flirty vibe of the track says even though we’re through, the flame remains very much alive”.

Stream "Heat" below: