On 'Heavenly War', Asha Elia navigates spiritual warfare with stirring lyrics and palpable emotion.

On ‘Heavenly War’, Asha Elia connects with a higher power. Speaking from the heart with thoughtful, stirring lyrics, she delivers an empowering ode to finding and magnifying our inner strength. Duetting with her fiance Namebliss, Asha’s voice carries meaning with palpable emotion, inspiring self-reflection and a feeling of resilience.


Hailing from Bristol and now based in London, the artist has made a name for herself on the rising music scene – both for her message and her voice. Inspired by the likes of SZA, Tems and Jhene Aiko, she’s found her own distinctive artistic identity in recent years. Industry recognition swiftly followed: in 2021 and 2022 she was named ASTEPFWD Female Artist of the Year, and even picked up a MOBO nomination last year.


But for the artist, it’s about more than the accolades. Telling stories with depth and gravitas, Asha’s ‘Heavenly War’ provides a soundtrack for anyone navigating life with a sense of spirituality at their core. Exploring themes of spiritual warfare, the genre-defying track highlights the potency that emanates from one’s identity as a child of God.


“I’ve been learning that spiritual warfare is about choosing life, as children of God we have so much more power than we often realise,” she says. “We just need to know who we are before we can walk our true identity. This is especially true for the war in our minds.”

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