German singer-songwriter Butter TM collaborates with Finnish producer Perttu for disco-funk sensation “Helium”.

Sparking an instant connection with their mutual love for disco, singer-songwriter Butter TM and producer/remixer Perttu quickly exchanged ideas to create new music together after a successful recording session.


Between the two of them, both artists have an impressive portfolio, with Butter TM having previously worked with acclaimed artists Celine Dion, Dido, and more. Perrtu has worked with Bonnie Strange and remixed the likes of Billie Eilish. A project just over two years in the making, Butter TM and Perrtu are finally ready to share a snippet of the magic with lead single “Helium” – a melting pot of disco-house, funk and hints of gentle electronica. 


Embracing a mantra of self-love, “Helium” exudes feel-good energy throughout its looping hook. Exploring a deeper meaning behind the  track and EP, Butter tells: “‘The BUTTER TM’ EP is a lighter, feminine and empowered story by living in a world where retro and modern disco elements collide”.

Stream "Helium" by Butter TM and Perttu below: