LA-based artist, Lani Renaldo, releases her honest, grunge-inspired track “Help!”, documenting the alienation that can come when struggling with mental health.

Lani Renaldo, an artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, refuses to be put into a box. Always one to experiment with her sound, she deftly blends elements of bedroom pop and grunge-rock, to explore topics such as heartbreak, emotional growth and identity.


In 2012 Lani was chosen as one of six songwriters to attend the GRAMMY Camp at Converse Rubber Tracks and went on to study at USC’s Thornton School of Music. Music has been a part of her life for a long time and became an outlet to navigate hard-to-process emotions.


Following the release of her successful EP NOHEARTBREAK2020 that chronicles the experience of being in your 20s, Lani returns with her latest single “Help!”. The track is a frank reflection of a period of darkness in her life, rippling with an alluring melody and garage-rock riffs.


Explaining the single, Lani Renaldo confides: ‘Selfishly, the song was written from a place of just feeling like I was spiralling. I didn’t feel like myself, I wasn’t on medication, I was going through really big changes in terms of my gender and identity and now trying to figure out who I was outside of a relationship. It was really tough. I forced myself to sit down one day and write about how I was feeling.’


And with lyrics like ‘tried to write this five times, scribbling out little lies’, there is a real sense that “Help!” is Lani at her most honest, making for a truly compelling listen.

Watch the video below: