Holly Lovelady blends electro-pop with folk as she narrates life’s journey on her latest track, ‘Helvellyn’.

In the cosy four walls of her grandparents’ home, soft, sweet melodies fill the air with unbridled joy. A sultry swing band play classical notes, as Doris Day’s tender and cheerful vocals sweep the room with perfect pitch. It’s within this nostalgic ambiance of 40s and 50s music that emerging artist, Holly Lovelady, discovered her passion for music. These childhood visits became the cornerstone of her musical journey, serving as the foundation upon which she would later build her career.


Inspired by the timeless music her grandparents cherished, it comes as no surprise that Holly Lovelady has risen to acclaim for her enchanting vocals. Manifesting contemporary ballads that draw upon the realms of folk and pop, the Liverpudlian has piqued listeners’ ears through her haunting melodies and meaningful lyricism. Yet, it’s her latest release, ‘Helvellyn’ that stands as her most profound work to date—a track that embodies life’s trials and triumphs with unmatched depth and resonance.


Taking its name from the infamous mountain in the Lake District, ‘Helvellyn’ masterfully captures the essence of the mountain’s natural beauty within its composition. With commanding drums and tender guitar rhythms, Holy’s ethereal voice intertwines seamlessly amidst celestial arrangements. Subtle swirling synths, complemented by hints of piano build up to the crescendo as Holy’s high-octane vocals take centre stage as we are immersed in an otherworldly soundscape.


When speaking about the track, Holy says, “This song is a metaphor for life’s journey with its twists and turns and all its struggles, but with perseverance and determination you can conquer your own personal mountain. This song speaks to the soul!”.

Listen to 'Helvellyn' now: