Rising pop trendsetter Marco Giovanni takes on a broad range of influence on his new single, 'Here I Am'.

The music industry is renowned for its cutthroat nature, with talented artists struggling to break in. It is often filled with late nights and hard work without assurance of success. But sometimes, if one works hard enough, and truly believes in oneself, it can work out in their favour. This is the story of Marco Giovanni, who is breaking out onto the scene as a true up-and-comer, spreading peace and love in his music and lifestyle.


Marco is not defined by a specific musical genre. He is, like many new artists, mixing styles and trying to find his perfect blend in the same style as stars such as Post Malone or Dominic Fike. Marco finds influence among countless artists, allowing his music to flow through various melodic styles.


While still in its early stages, Marco’s career is filled with noteworthy achievements, including his performance of the National Anthem before a New York Mets game and his partnership with well-known singer-songwriter Poo Bear. These encounters demonstrate not just his skill but also his capacity to effectively connect with a wide range of listeners.


Being his own worst critic is a daily problem for Marco, who considers himself to be a perfectionist. Still, his constant commitment to give it his all comes through in his music and other areas of his life. This motivates him to keep pushing the envelope and going above and beyond.


For Marco, listening to music serves as rehabilitation as well as amusement. In moments of happiness, sorrow, or isolation, he wants his songs to give a secure haven for his listeners to connect and find comfort and understanding. Marco invites listeners to find comfort and inspiration in his artistic expression as he shares his experiences and feelings via his lyrics and beats.


In order to provide his audience with a diverse range of experiences, Marco sees his brand expanding outside the music industry and becoming a multidimensional entity that includes fashion, lifestyle, and investments. As he sets out on this path of growth, he views himself as a cultural curator as well as an artist. He aims to fuse many components to create experiences and trends that have a profound impact on his audience.


Marco’s desire to start a fashion movement could serve to change how people express themselves and dress. In the lifestyle sector, he wants to create immersive experiences, invitation-only gatherings, and creative partnerships that provide his followers a window into an infinitely creative universe.


The artist hopes to create a smooth transition between music and his other passions as his business enters the fashion and lifestyle domains. Marco aims to reinterpret what it means to be an artist today with a sharp sense of style and a flair for starting trends.


He wants to build a universe where fans can completely immerse themselves in the Marco Giovanni way of life via partnerships, creative creations, and immersive experiences. As countless artists come onto the scene, Marco wants his identity to become more than just a name. He wants to become a brand.

Listen to 'Here I Am' now: