Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, VÉRITÉ, reveals her vulnerable side with her new funk-laced single “he’s not you”.

As an independent artist who has built her career outside of the traditional structures of the music industry, VÉRITÉ is no stranger to uncertainty. Yet her freedom has given her an edge when navigating the recent pandemic and the uneasiness that has come with it, especially for those in creative careers. Her hard work and undeniable song writing ability speak for themselves. Learning to stand alone and hustle independently has gained her critical acclaim, with support from Billboard, NPR, Forbes and Wonderland, as well as over 250 million streams across the globe.


VÉRITÉ returns with her new track “he’s not you” exploring the complexities of the post-breakup mindset. With its jumping basslines and silky-smooth backing vocals, “he’s not you” is a track that sticks with you.


Speaking on the single, VÉRITÉ explains: “This song is a bit of a different sonic direction for me, but the entire song and production literally fell into place. I knew it was a side of myself I wanted to put into the world. As an artist, it feels really amazing to not take myself so seriously and have some more fun.”


Expect to hear more from VÉRITÉ; “he’s not you” is the first of a series of singles the artist plans to release as she further evolves her signature sound.

Stream the track below: