Dipping into different genres with effortless ease, Antigoni's new project 'Hexagon' shows the artist at her most versatile.

Having spent the past few years honing her sound and growing her fan base, Antigoni’s new EP ‘Hexagon’ represents her growth as an artist. Weaving together influences from her Greek Cypriot heritage to her life in London, as well as a vast array of genres, the project forms a tapestry of sounds close to her heart.


From trap-tinged ‘Hit List’ to exuberant ‘Red Flag’, catchy pop number ‘You Can Have Him’ and heated ‘Nervous’, Antigoni’s range shines through – all whilst maintaining her own distinctive edge.


With already released tracks having amassed over 1.5 million plays before the full project dropped, one thing is clear: Antigoni knows how to make music that resonates. Speaking candidly on her experiences with raw vulnerability and emotion, her lyrics, amplified by her magnetic performance style, spark connection.


Known in London for throwing iconic house parties with impressive guestlists, Antigoni will be celebrating with a blow-out event before taking her talents over to Athens for a weekly residency at YTON The Music Show with renowned Greek artist, Nikos Vertis.


Stream 'Hexagon' now:


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