Lisa Remar has dropped her latest moving and intimate EP, 'hi...'.

Singer-songwriter Lisa Remar shares her deepest thoughts and vulnerabilities in her music with the emotional directness of a journal. She rose to attention with last year’s debut album ‘Still Good’, introducing herself as an uninhibited and confessional artist whose lyrics make you sit up and pay attention.


Her latest EP, ‘hi…’, is a concise and piercingly specific four-song collection that charts an arduous and hard-won journey to a place of peace through self-doubt and regret. The overall narrative is one of moving on from a relationship, and when the past interferes with making a new present.


Its two centerpiece songs put forward the themes with which Remar is preoccupied with total directness. “was there more…” circles around feelings of yearning and pondering the timeworn question of ‘what if’, while “iankersham” turns its attention towards the question of trying again, and whether moving forward from painful memories is truly possible.


The two interlude tracks, “sometimes” and “hi” offer more precise snapshots of singular thoughts and feelings that Remar is dealing with, providing a thoughtful cohesiveness to the EP as a whole. It’s a short but bittersweet collection that continues to drive forward Remar’s status as a bold storyteller who looks unflinchingly at the everyday pains of being young.

Listen here: