Glaswegian indie-folk singer-songwriter Murdo Mitchell delivers “Hide”, the third single from his upcoming debut EP, due to be released in November.

Never shy of performing, Scottish artist Murdo Mitchell made his start busking on the streets of Glasgow from only 11-years-old. That love of performing has seen the emerging talent appear on stages for T-In-the Park, Belladrum and the Edinburgh Fringe.


Despite his Bieber-esque start, Murdo Mitchell has created his own brand of honest and heartfelt indie-folk song writing, showcased elegantly by his latest single “Hide”. With its powerful chorus and hypnotising plucked acoustic melody, “Hide” is not one to be missed.


Speaking on the track, Murdo Mitchell elaborates: ‘I wrote “Hide” in 2019 when I started understanding what addiction really meant & how easy it was for anyone to slip from the casual step to addiction… Whether it be that of gambling, smoking, alcohol, drugs etc I realised how many people actually struggle with addiction & how many people are addicted to things they don’t even realise that they’re addicted to & therefore they “Hide” with their addiction. So, the chorus is about hiding with your addiction & forgetting it ever exists in the first place & maybe trying to get back to that initial feel-good feeling & the verses are more heavy and the weight of carrying an addiction around. I tried to incorporate that heavy & dark feeling into the instrumentation of the verses when I was in the studio, we used some big fat bass sounds & synth sounds as well as some layered eerie backing vocals to give off this sense of feeling. I hope you enjoy it.’

Stream the track below: