Rising alt-pop artist, Alt Bloom, reveals his euphoric track “High Sometimes”, exploring the universal joy of chasing a high, whatever that may be.

LA-based multi-instrumentalist artist, Alt Bloom, has curated his own signature blend of alternative pop, offering his listeners a means of escape with his introspective lyricism and dreamlike melodies.


After releasing a number of infectious tracks this year, Alt Bloom furthers his campaign to lift spirits and celebrate life in his latest track “High Sometimes” –  powerful, cheeky track about chasing a high and finding bliss in whatever thrills you. With his trademark sky-reaching vocals and jubilant, positive melodies, Alt Bloom chooses to take the high road and refuses to let setbacks and negativity block his path.


Alt Bloom’s sound has proven to be popular, gaining him over 36 million streams so far. His genre-defying approach to music has seen Alt Bloom collaborate with an array of talented producers, who have worked with the likes of Maroon 5, Rihanna, John Legend and Lizzo. Likening his career to mountain-hiking, Alt Bloom is on a never-ending journey of creating impactful music. The metaphor is apt, Alt-Bloom is only set to continue his meteoric climb with his thoughtful, laidback sound and confessional storytelling.

Stream the song below: