LA-based singer-songwriter LUCK unveils her latest track “Higher” alongside captivating visuals, in an ode to her strength and resilience.

Born in Connecticut, raised in Virginia and New York, and now settled in LA, LUCK has carved out her own space in the scene, projecting a vision that melds together fashion and music through her unique lens. LUCK’s alternative fusion of R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock preaches self-love and encourages everyone to be unapologetically themselves. Alongside music, she has a jewellery brand called F.O.P (For All People), that continues her mission of celebration and inclusion.


Now, LUCK is back with her latest single “Higher” which expands on LUCK’s values of strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Speaking more on the track, LUCK explains: ‘When I made this record, I was feeling super empowered and I needed a song that reminded me of how powerful I am. The hook is full of affirmations and in the verses I’m dissecting all that I’ve been through. And realizing that it all worked for my own good.’


With stunning natural landscapes, elegant dancers and a powerful vulnerability to LUCK, the mesmerising music video is a perfect complement to the track’s affirming message.

Watch the video below: