Finnish artist, EMMI IIDA, takes us on a mediative and spiritual journey in her latest track, ‘Higher Self’.

Tapping into spirituality can be an overwhelming task for an artist. Navigating through the countless paths of existential questioning, as well as confronting morality, is akin to manoeuvring through a labyrinth laden with twists and turns. Yet for multifaceted singer-songwriter, EMMI IIDA, navigating this intricate maze is merely second nature, as she unravels lyrics interwoven with metaphysical connects and the pursuit of self-discovery. Remaining steadfast in her commitment to exploring the otherworldly, her most recent release, ‘Higher Self’, invites listeners on her most mediative journey to date.


After listening to one of EMMI IIDA’s tracks for the first time, you’ll instantly be in awe of the ethereal quality of her sound. She graces each composition with soothing, calming vocals that spell you into a hypnotic state. Her soundscapes are opulent, eclectic and wonderfully eccentric, as she tunes out poignant lyricism unravelling layers of spirituality and existence, all to a production filled with pulsating synths and spacey melodies. But what elevates her sound even further is her unwavering commitment to visuals, as she weaves mystical narratives that serve as the perfect fit to her avant-garde tracks.


Set against a desert backdrop, ‘Higher Self’ encapsulates the essence of EMMI IIDA whilst conjuring up echoes of late sci-fi fantasy cinema. We witness EMMI IIDA—who wears a metallic silver ensemble accompanied by a transparent head veil—face the camera head on as she wonders through the desert landscape. As the track unfolds, Peachkit jumps on the track offering a sultry mediative rap verse, that fuses the power of mediation with a rhythmic flow of rap, all whilst the video turns to nightfall as EMM IIDA dances around a retro car.


EMMI IIDA had this to say about ‘Higher Self’: “What if you keep worrying for your past, living in the past, wondering if there’s no point in life, only failure? What if nothing seems to make sense, just mistakes after mistakes? Your inner self, your higher self, comes to remind you that those experiences and so called failures are all moulding you, preparing you to be ready for the future you who you will become when you continue listening to your gut feelings, things that excite you, following in the path of your dreams. ‘Higher Self’ is about the connection with the divine, balancing the frequencies of our crown chakra, finding that oneness within.”

Listen and watch 'Higher Self' now: