Making a dynamic entrance, singer-songwriter Alx unleashes her inaugural single, ‘Hither Hills’, a compelling track that reassures us of our worth.

For some artists, music was woven into their life from a young age, and this rings true for emerging New York City talent Alx, whose musical beginnings started at the tender age of six. After years of dedicated work to shape a sound that reflects her true self, she now presents her debut track, ‘Hither Hills’, a true ode to her emerging hallmark sound, whilst unravelling a message about our self-worth.


Offering a hypnotic fusion of hip-hop, electronic and subtle rap influences, we see Alx’s sonic idiosyncratic identity start to take root. Opening with an alluring synth melody, Hither Hill sees Alx transition effortlessly between singing and rapping. Her versatile vocal range, captivating melodies and seamless flow take the spotlight, while the shadowy and atmospheric production provides the paradigmatic backdrop for her artistry.


Albanian and Arabic musical elements are woven within the composition, elevating its distinctive hip-hop sound. At its crescendo Hither Hill erupts into a vibrant fusion of Arabian hip-hop, imbuing the track with a groovy and rhythmic charm. The chorus melodies are softly echoed in a mellow yet haunting fashion, gently concluding the song and marking a statement release for the new kid on the block.

Listen to 'Hither Hills' now: