Issara unravels a soulful tapestry in nostalgic track ‘Home'.

Shaking up the soul scene is none other than emerging artist, Issara, whose soundscapes paradigmatically epitomises her diverse upbringing. Joining the collective of artists who refuse to be placed into one stylistic box, Issara draws upon the disparate realms of pop, rock, gospel, and French yéyé, as well as tapping into Thai funk nuances. The outcome? A captivating soundscape that skilfully blends her soulful roots with timeless appeal.


The latest track from Issara, ‘Home’, is a homage to her distinctive fusion of retro and soulful flavours. Touching upon universal themes of love and long-lasting friendship, the track brims with nostalgia and heartfelt warmth as Issara crafts lyrics that read like poetry—where every sentence details a life of love and compassion. With her storytelling prowess intact, she journeys into the various definitions of what ‘home’ is. However, in Issara’s eyes, home isn’t just solely a place, home is a person.


Witness a luscious gospel-imbued soundscape, where the production immerses itself in a retro aesthetic and radiant tones of the organ interlaced with Issara’s sunken vocals. The hints of gospel spilling from the arrangement are a nod to her American church roots, birthing a nostalgic yet lasting quality that is nothing short of gripping.


When speaking about the track, Issara says: “The song ‘Home’ is a cosy, nostalgic ballad with gospel spark. It’s about love and long-lasting friendship. It talks about a woman who is ‘home’. Having moved to different countries and continents several times in my life. I’ve learnt that home isn’t a place, it’s the people. The gospel vibe is a tribute to my American church roots where I started to sing.”

Listen to 'Home' now: